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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 10, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and greg is reading a book. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: listen carefully. is that the fat lady singing? >> that is part of the business, the fund raising side. we are committed to defeating obama. mitt romney is the republican nominee i would work as hard for him as myself. >> eric: what do you think, bob? >> bob: what happened, we have been talking about for months, money drives these things. he got mad with his neem florida. they overspent. spent his own money. i think his idea is going to form and be a big force behind
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the planks of the republican, the republican national committee, policy. not a bad way to say i'm going to be involved but i'm out. rick santorum took the weekend off to go home with his daughter, i thought was important, too. he hasn't said a thing about getting out. >> eric: want to jump in? >> kimberly: i was impressed by this. i like the rhetoric and statesman like in the approach and team player. saying i'm going to support him 100% as much as i were in the race myself. that's what they need. more unity within the republican party, if they're serious about beating barack obama. >> eric: we have a big race coming up in pennsylvania. >> greg: i can't believe you called him a fat lady. i'd be offended. i would be offended. >> kimberly: it was awkward. >> greg: is he going to turn in to fox news? i turned his office to a yoga
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service for my ferret. he is valuable. he is an intellectual pit bull gnawing on the republican furniture for quite a while. time to gnaw on democrats' furniture. i go to the movie that you brother was in "l.a. confidential." it was two cops finding against each other. at the end they turn and team up and fight the common enemy. that's what has to happen. >> i'll use one of your metaphors. has newt seen his own hump? >> greg: he has seen it. it's gotten large. >> eric: tell people what it means. >> greg: he realizes that he could see the weakness in his, i guess his adventure. >> eric: let's talk about this. >> dana: i got a roundup. >> eric: i have to ask you. $2.9 million is what mitt romney will spend in pennsylvania to fight the other guys off! wouldn't it be easier to save the money and use it against the war chest coming out? >> dana: we could have said that in july and saved us a
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lot of heartache and headache. the money we spend, this will get me in trouble, the money we spend in politics relative to the level of economy and what we're doing is fine, it's on par. and a super-pac issue is not that bad. the money and jobs it creates. can i mention a couple other things? newt gingrich came in fourth behind someone that is nobody is talking about, or republican party don't talk about enough. that is ron paul. and what his supports are going to do. the messaging as kimberly said was excellent from newt. one line we didn't have for a sound bite is smart, because of the demographic. he says about romney, we're grandparents and see it's a fight for the future of our
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grandchildren's country. >> bob: that is smart. don't under estimate the damage that gingrich has done to romney and santorum has done in the course of that thing. we are not that far, only 90 or 100 dies t 100 days to the c. an important thing about ron paul. ron paul is a quixotic guy. if he decides he is not running for re-election for congress and runs as a third party an ballot, libertarian line across the country, it would be dangerous. >> eric: why would he do that? that would jeopardize his son rand paul of a chance of future career in the g.o.p. >> bob: it would if they treat him with the respect he ought to have. he has come in fourth and committed group of people. give him a primetime speech. do what you need to do. >> dana: gingrich has come in behind ron paul in second places, third in a couple. great point. >> eric: let's move on to kimberly, you said something over the weekend. democrats are pushing back
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from the comparison of jimmy carter presidency and barack obama's. they have a lot in common. >> kimberly: there are more ways they're similar than dissimilar. it's a problem. unless you're a big jimmy carter fan and think that's the direction the country should be going in. no. they have a problem there. if they get the message on target and separate them from jimmy they might have a chance. >> bob: if i was a g.o.p., leave that up. pull the full screen up. that is my ad. >> greg: it's problem to do a remake of the 1970s. it doesn't work if you look at the "a team" "dukes of hazzard" and "charlie's angels." now obama, never as good as the original. faltering economy, platitudes instead of belief. eric holder and ramsey clark. kind of the same. big ears. i don't see any similarities at all. >> eric: you have an energy
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crisis. gasoline doubling over their term. >> greg: anti-israel sentiment. >> bob: dana, you can say something. >> dana: i feel like we can defer to you. >> kimberly: i agree. >> dana: you work for him. you have a different perspective. >> bob: i'm supporter of jimmy carter, he has convictions. civil rights. 2 million children are alive because he eradicated diseases in africa. but the important one, he was losing. secondly, he had interest rates at 15 and 18%. >> eric: they're going up for obama as well. >> bob: carter was losing job. >> eric: so is obama. >> bob: no, he's not. not in the last six months. i'm saying that carter in the last six months of his administration lost jobs. >> eric: fair enough. >> bob: inflation was by far the biggest issue. 18% at one point.
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the iran hostage crisis had a big part to play with what they said about jimmy carter. >> greg: that is something. obama will never run into the problem. obama supporters, this doesn't work because most of them weren't born in the carter administration. you have to find more relative comparison. like erckel. >> eric: crisis in confidence speech. we have a crisis in confidence to fix this. he wants to pull back use less. >> dana: something else. mike mccurry, clinton's press secretary. if you look at energy crisis, issues with iran you can look back to presidents from both parties and congressional members of both parties to realize we haven't dealt with any of the issues in the last
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40 years. one thing that is different comparing obama and carter presidency is the gravity of the problem. how much more danger because we haven't done entitlement reform. the issue of debt. programs that started in the '50s, '60s. grew in the '70s, and '90s 2000s, we have to pay the price. >> bob: carter started a command, general, that dealt with the wars we have had. put the newton bomb in europe. a huge -- and the b-1, excuse me, i forget the name of the missile. a big missile system. carter did things that were good. his problem was, when you tried to cut a deal, he wouldn't do it. wouldn't cut a deal. >> eric: get to this. the gsa, the latest, the
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latest we talk about this on "fox and friends." the latest, obama administration said we made mistake bus a lot has to do with the administration. >> dana: they should check themselves before they -- >> greg: wreck themselves. >> kimberly: i knew he would say themselves. >> dana: before they wreck themselves. >> kimberly: dancing and rapping. >> greg: get it on camera. >> dana: showing a clown and that freaks you out. >> eric: friday you said clowns don't bother you. >> dana: they don't bother me at all. i'm not squared of them. >> greg: her le quinns are terrifying -- harlequins are terrifying. >> dana: they are in a box because they have a career officials, back there by the political appointees who did something stupid with the taxpayer money. instead of saying we fired them, it won't happen again. they said actually, the reason it happened because the budget of the gsa was increased in
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the bush administration. but no bush administration officials were planning a meeting and hiring clowns and mind readers. >> bob: it went from $39,000 in bush's first year to $155,000 in his second year. >> dana: that's congressional decision. why don't they blame congress? why would the white house do something ridiculous? petty and immature. >> greg: incorrect. put the blame where it resides, which is bush 41 who actually had mini "w." >> eric: we have to go. who else had an affinity for clowns? john wayne gacey. romney's mormon faith coming under fire. one congressman acing the media of launch -- accusing media of launching attack on behalf of obama campaign. is that fair? we seal discuss it. don't forget to e-mail us at
2:11 am we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i don't know -- >> greg: somebody having son in the green room. >> kimberly: really. with the nomination looking like a done deal, some in the media are focusing on mitt romney's mormon faith. raul, a mormon himself called a smear campaign on nbc in this weekend. >> you think the media will do it. talk about what you mean. >> you look at your network. you have lawrence o'donald, saying really nasty things about the mormon religion, about the founding of the religion, that it was based on some guy just waking up some morning and deciding that he wanted, that he had an extramarital affair and that
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is how religion was founded. nasty things said by your network, by nbc. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: the mormon church has stayed out of the race for the reasons they understand they will not be helping romney out front. give him a lot of money. for certain. but this the congressman, and hatch said the obama administration will do this. the problem is not with the obama administration. it's with evangelical christians who have a problem with mormons. in the south it doesn't matter because he will win the states anyway. but where it does matter is southern ohio, where it's strongsh very strong evangelical christians. the fact is it's not his fault he is a mormon but the fact is he is. it may not cause them to vote for obama for sure but it may mean they don't turn out. that is a big fear. >> kimberly: impact voter enthusiasm on his behalf. >> bob: sure. >> eric: i can't imagine it
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comes from the obama camp, though. that is what i'm saying and orrin hatch said the same thing. struck me as i can't imagine that obama would level an attack on romney because-his mormon faith. >> dana: but they won't mind if other people do. that's what i think. >> kimberly: tell us how it works. >> dana: take the family for example. one thing that senator obama said early on is families should be out of bounds. he stuck to that closely. it doesn't mean everybody else did. comes from the top. but that is a good thing. set a good tone. he protected his daughters very well. the media respected it. faith is a different thing. if you look at coverage of the last year, reporters who are writing about mitt romney. one word comes up over and over again. it's weird. mormonism is weird. that is not just coming from the reporting but people they talk to. what do you think of
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mormonism. it's weird. i think it could be a good conversation for america to have. learn more about mormons and the people. one thing about the media. they said about mitt romney, i think it was david gregory. >> andrea: yeah. >> kimberly: we have that. >> dana: play that. sorry. >> this is the core of who mitt romney is. he was a missionary in france for two years. bishop in the church, mormon church is like a priest. if priest. he has made contributions and he doesn't talk about it. core of who he is, but doesn't feel like it's faith to talk about it. >> dana: did anybody complain when obama didn't talk about going to wright's church? i don't think so. they tithe 10% of his earnings. automatically. he has done more than that. when he said he was a bishop
2:19 am
for goodness sake. it's not like he came to mon estary. does anyone talk about heirl ab? i don't think they mind if somebody else does this. >> greg: the fact that the media is saying he is weird is because according to them, he is weird. he is normal. decent guy. mormons in general, typical, good people. they are ridiculous. >> kimberly: want to be their neighbor. >> greg: they are good looking and live longer because they're healthier. that's weird but media will be opposite of obama. they added to the glow of "o." but romney they will treat like a roast chicken and pick at him. pick out the rich part, the bain capital, gaffes. now they get in mormonism.
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they are running out of meat. >> dana: not us. it's evangelical christian. >> bob: look at history and what happened to kennedy. he did not put it out himself. but a number of people surrogates were spreading that. a big point that led him to go to houston to give the famous speech about being a catholic. there will be people who will do it. not the obama campaign. they would be crazy to touch it. but there are things that evangelicals cannot believe or understand to be anything but a cult. not fair but it's what they believe. >> eric: i think i said raul labrador and orrin hatch both said that the more machine thing would come from obama. i don't know that raul said that. i think he said the president should be elected. if he is a mormon or christian or catholic, whatever -- >> kimberly: orrin hatch said that. >> eric: i want to clarify that. he is right. that is not going to come up from obama or the g.o.p.
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this is likely going to come up from the media. >> dana: in 2008, romney gave a speech about his faith. people forgot that. we might have to find that. >> greg: religion is silly and quaint when it's from the right and solid and refreshing if it comes from the left. >> kimberly: if it's reverend wright they don't bring it up or talk about it. parting is switch sweet sorrow for a few moments. >> dana: but we will be back. there is a war of words with the respected senator on twitter. >> kimberly: but we have our own twitter war on "the five." we'll explain that later. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: so my hope is that song is in greg's head all night long. talk about the twitter wars. we start with one, because it had to do with us. senator chuck grassley of iowa responding to president obama's the whole attack on the supreme court last week. then they said you misunderstood him. he is speaking in shorthand and constitutional law professor and you can't understand. grassley tweeted out "constituents asked why i'm not outraged at president "o" attacking the supreme court independence, because american people are not stupid as an exprofessor of con law." that got response from the head campaign person from
2:27 am
president obama, and is heading up a current campaign. axelrod said heads up, a 6-year-old hijacked your accounts and is sending out foolish tweets just to embarrass you. instead of getting back and forth is talk about how different presidential campaigns are run nowadays. since you ran a presidential campaign, do you think that you could survive twitter in the mondale campaign? >> i barely survived and it was just mail and phones. the answer is no. the obama campaign put the mark down early on. it was amateurs compared to what they do. i can tell you this, by the way, eric said am i in a bad mood? i'm not. my eye hurts. but grassley is running in a tough primary is now lashing out. when he says that the president of the united states is stupid, it's just bad form
2:28 am
for grassley. grassley -- >> dana: is that short of hand? >> eric: put up grassley's twitter up, tweet up. i have a different interpretation. it could be wrong. pull it up. constituents ask why i'm not outraged at president "o" attack on supreme court independence. we know about that, the american people are not stupid as this exprofessor of constitutional law may have us believe. maybe he didn't finish the thought. >> dana: ran out of room. >> greg: old people on twitter cannot keep it under 140 characters. icharacters. he kept writing. >> bob: all we know what is up there. it says that the american people are not as stupid as -- >> dana: this is interesting that a senator of the united states and person running a presidential campaign has enough time on saturday and sunday, because if they really
2:29 am
want to see how a twitter war is done, they would check out how you attacked me senselessly on friday night. greg gutfeld started a twitter war with me. i passed 100,000 followers. thank you, everybody for following. greg has 70,000 or so and he said he would overtake me by july 6 by ruining my reputation. look what he started with. he said i am going to destroy@danaperino. follow me and i will tell you everything. >> greg: i did. >> dana: he think he is will destroy my following and overtake me. then he started a character assassination saying that daana fired her hair stylists for not providing warmed combs. this is my response -- >> greg: we saw what dana perino is. monster. unadulterated monster on the sickly ambitious trying to crush someone like me.
2:30 am
the fact is we illustrate a point that twitter is for 19-year-old girls and bored media personalities. >> dana: bob, you thought it was funny. >> bob: it was hilarious. first, everybody has an understanding. those of you who follow "the five," lots of you. you know these two are the best of friends. like little people caucus. so they are doing this, this is tongue and cheek. but you must have been drinking hard. you were making accusations -- >> dana: he said i was a monster made of poisoned marshmallows. i got him back. think about his fashion sense. i took a picture of greg and showed everybody that this is what he was wearing out on good friday. he absolutely -- >> kimberly: my gosh. >> dana: destroyed an easter sweater. >> bob: if that is not a face. you look like a beach ball. >> greg: i was prone to caution.
2:31 am
exhaustion. >> dana: your ploy did not work. i have more followers than before. we love twitter on "the five." all the co-host have the twitter handles. we'll put them up to have a moment to check them out. we want you to follow at well. >> dana: instead of a juan williams. the juan williams. >> bob: don't you think you ought to cut this off? some people take it seriously. >> dana: twitter war? >> greg: twitter is like the technological equivalent of pillow fight. >> kimberly: you're together. >> bob: that was friday. >> dana: friday. >> greg: i had been working
2:32 am
all day. >> bob: what did your lady say when you got home? man, you look -- >> dana: a little bit. please follow. we come back for greg's monologue. there is a new cause. fracking. not a bad word. process of extracting natural gas and focus of the new movie called promised land. we will tell you what is behind the fracking movement. hollywood is up in arms up next. to get people to try on these new depend silhouette briefs, and today we are rocking the red carpet. look it's lisa rinna! lisa hiii,i know you don't need one but will you try on these new depend silhouette briefs for charity and prove just how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress? are you serious? i am serious... sure why not!
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back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: so matt damon making an anti-fracking movie. yea.
2:38 am
john trizynscy will start in this cruel frau cuss that extracts natural gas. i hope he makes goofy faces like he does in the office. adorable. but like every film these days it's just a remake. in fear of destroying an industry it harkens back to china syndrome. the shrill antinuke scream from the '70s. if you think culture doesn't change politics, remember nuclear power is recovering from the celebrity-driven smear. so you can blame hollywood for dependence on oil right now. why hate fracking? isn't it just horizontal windmill, shattering rocks instead of birds? greenies hate it because it works. funny thing happened on the way to solyndra. fracking cut a path toward energy independence to make green efforts look silly. matt knows we can't have that, then america wouldn't the bad guy. one fact alone would eliminate the only major villain in
2:39 am
today's movies. with drilling, there can't be environmental side effects. but there are to everything, including film making. research has shown that the film industry like mad thanks to the idling trucks. special effects and the set construction. that is hollywood. so never mind. someone may have pump sand and water through damon's head. he certainly excuse enough natural gas to power a small city. should america, kimberly, go to hollywood for information on fracking? >> kimberly: absolutely. absolutely everything. who to vote for, who you like, what is in, what is out. no, i'm disappointed in matt damon. i find him to be rather intelligent. >> greg: you think he's cute so you don't care what he says. >> kimberly: incorrect. i do care. now he is too p.c. running politically. stick to "good will hunting." >> dana: incorrect you don't think he's cute? >> kimberly: i do think he is cute.
2:40 am
>> bob: the bald guy? >> kimberly: i don't like his hair like that. >> bob: he is probably a seal. can i say something about this? >> kimberly: sure. >> bob: my friend, denny, that you met here, he did quite well in fracking and doing well deriving in west virginia, pennsylvania. i asked him to explain it to me. my reaction was the same as damon's when i first heard it. when he explained it to me i realize it's not such a bad thing. they take precautions. a lot of money invested in it. it does go to transmission lines. they do it now when the price of natural gas is -- >> eric: about $2. >> bob: in some cases they are capping off wells. it doesn't make it feasible. having said, that you know, i want to say next week we will do this, some time this week, i hope. i have facts. energy, the alternative energy plans of barack obama created hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> greg: i can't wait to see
2:41 am
that. >> eric: great. a comedy, right? >> dana: where? in china? >> bob: no. >> kimberly: send big gun stuff to bob. i feel it. >> eric: look what is going on. an energy source we don't depend on anyone else for. not even canada and mexico for. we are almost perfectly self-sufficient in natural gas. because of technology like fracking. what happens? the left says we got to stop fracking. are you kidding me? this is a technology that works. >> bob: we're importing less energy under obama than any other president. >> eric: because of fracking. now the left and hollywood says it's so good. >> bob: it's not fracking. >> eric: that is why we import less, the explosion of natural gas availability. >> bob: so that is good? obama is not glenn fracking. >> eric: yes, h yes -- obama ist against fracking. >> eric: yes, he is.
2:42 am
>> dana: on three occasions, different states they had to say it's not based on sound science. industry created 1 million jobs in the next 15 years. plus, amount of tax revenue it brings in. matt damon is on the wrong track. there is a movie about this called "gas land." hollywood patted itself on the back and gave it awards but technology is winning out. mayors and governors, people who are entrepreneurs realize this could help us reduce our dependence foreign industry >> bob: take away from top of mountain to get coal. that would be better. >> greg: overrated. >> kimberly: less focus on algae and solar panels. that is the problem. >> dana: mountain top mining is different from shale. >> bob: the less coal we'd use. >> dana: i thought we had all of the above energy policy. >> greg: matt damon on a far more important point.
2:43 am
i enjoy the movies but editing turns it in to phony. if they fight, you never see who they are hitting. do you notice this? no fighting in "bourne identity." fast editing cuts. >> bob: you have to go to break. nobody understood what you said. >> dana: i do. i will go to check. i avert my eyes in violence anyway. >> greg: when they fight, it's not fighting. they have edit cuts. take out the violence. >> kimberly: you're over the twitter war. >> greg: thousands of people went to see tim tebow this sunday. but not as a football field. we play a clip from easter service that serve talking about. this is so shocking it will give you goosebumps. goose pimples. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." thank you, all, for saying some -- sending nice tweets about my eyes. operation was fine. i'm great. good. but don't respond to either
2:48 am
one of them so i want the war to stop. but this weekend, easter weekend, tim tebow favorite of the show and in particular eric bolling went to georgetown, outside of austin, texas, at the champion church. he appeared before 16,000 parishioners. some couldn't get in. they were outside on the jumbo trans. he spoke the word and he spoke the word eloquently thought. i heard some of the passages he said. he's a phenomenal christian. and he's coming to new york city. which some who are evangelical christians believe is the seat of the devil. see how he does here. i hope he does well. please, if you don't like him as a quarterback, don't like him for that. not of his faith. >> eric: it was fantastic. moving. he was relaxed. he looked great. what a fantastic guy. smart enough to go and have a nice speech and talk about his faith and not be embarrassed about it. it's refreshing.
2:49 am
love that he is in new york city. love to have him on "the five." >> dana: me, too. >> kimberly: i like him. he is a role model, inspirational and he doesn't back down because people think it's not popular to showcase and put your faith in front. for him, good for the young people and the kids. a good example. >> bob: let me move on to another christian athlete but a guy been around the pga tour a long time. bubba watson who won, dan described the inauguration tournament. it'inauguration -- described it as augusta tournament. it's the masters. he won in a playoff. look at him. the guy, remarkable. he had a shot that those of us who play golf, couldn't believe the shot. he pulled it off. he was not going to come to the masters because he and his wife adopted a 1-month-old baby. he argued and his wife said go. i'll take care of the baby. he went and won. congratulations, bubba. what a wonderful story. get back and see your child.
2:50 am
fora guy on the tour this long and pull it off is sensationa sensational. >> dana: i don't know a lot about anything with sports. anything. bring it on. >> bob: sports. >> dana: i get e-mails about bubba. i thought clinton had done something noteworthy. it found out more. they asked him what it was like and he said never i got this far in my dreams. a nice way to put it. >> greg: i play often, peewee or miniature golf. this is an outrage. i'm disgusted by this person. if you are going to be named bubba you have to be really fat. i think jon daley should be named bubba and this guy should be named jon daley. makes me sick to my stomach.
2:51 am
>> bob: that was a moving commentary on a moving day for him. from bubba beckel here, stick around. one more thing is up next. including my tribute to mike wallace. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: all right. start with you, kimberly. >> kimberly: ainsley earnhardt wrote cute thing to color easter eggs. this year i took matters to my own hands and picture of ro-dog, with his green easter egg. i look like i cut his hair, too. >> eric: hot, diggity dog. >> kimberly: he's a good boy. >> eric: greg, what do you have there? >> greg: every man's dream in life is becometo become an action figure. created a greg gutfeld action figure there. he. is it looks alarmingly like me. beautiful hair. huge biceps and pecs. but he speaks and he will stay what i have been saying for a
2:56 am
few months. >> hey, kimberly, want to go out for drinks later? i'm buying. >> kimberly: how can i turn the doll down? it's so creepy and freakish. you been stroking it. >> greg: i have. >> kimberly: there are dolls like that. >> greg: i left one at your place. >> kimberly: i caught one. >> my place.ce. >> dana: tomorrow you can follow online, president bush will be in new york city. he is hosting conference called policies for 4% growth. they have governor chris christie and paul ryan speaking. it's to the new york historical society. go to or org. check them both. you will watch it live. they will have interesting
2:57 am
things to say. >> eric: fantastic. okay. my one more thing, a couple of days off, i went to puerto rico. i offered a challenge. if you guess what my big announcement was. i was going to send the first twitter and the first facebooker who guesss properly was going to win. they guessed it. to first ones, i have a special. governor sarah palin andry going to host a special talk about gasoline prices and speculation, exploration, inflation, regulation. everything with the gasoline prices to air friday, april 13. friday, 13, at 10:00 p.m. with the governor and myself. >> bob: dedicated to obama? >> eric: w welcome him one more time. >> bob: the world of
2:58 am
journalism lost a giant. mike wallace on sunday. from cbs on many years, "60 minutes." the toughest questioner there was. he had his facts down and he could beat everybody on deadlines. journalists commenting on him and tell story about how relentless he was to get a story. he set the tone for "60 minutes" and he was an institution. he interviewed me once and i would never like him to do it again. we lost a big name. >> eric: you told a great story this morning on "fox and friends." >> dana: yeah, so, i don't know if chris wallace, our colleague who runs fox news sunday, i never thought in a million years when i used to watch "640 minutes" with my dad i would meet mike wallace. then i had a chance to get to know chris wallace, his son as well. when i first got my job as press secretary on capitol hill. my friend played a joke. it didn't know it was a joke. i got messages, pink slip that
2:59 am
said mike wallace called on "60 minutes" and he wants to talk to you. it struck fear in every press secretary. i didn't know it was a joke. i didn't call him back. i wanted to hide. >> kimberly: i admired him greatly. he won 20 emmy awards. i used to never miss, you know, "60 minutes." i tivo it now. before, point in the viewing like for so many americans. he set the bar high. >> greg: i hated "60 minutes." when i heard that clock ticking meant i had school the next day. if you heard that ticking you go man, i got to get ready. >> dana: i immediately want to watch. >> eric: i would make my son watch it with me every sunday night. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪


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